Joannes Indagine. Chiromantia. Argent[orati]: Apud Joannem Schottum, 1531.

Chiromantia was one of the most popular 16th century guides to the occult sciences of palmistry (palm reading), physiognomy (interpreting a person’s physical appearance to understand his or her character), and astrology (the study of the relationship between astronomy and the human world).  With the aid of detailed mappings of the palm and face, as well as astrological charts, Joannes Indagine argued for connections between aspects of esoteric sciences that were traditionally considered separate, such as a relationship between chiromancy and the planets.  Repeatedly deemed heretical, the text was often included in the Vatican’s Index of banned books.   

Link: Digital version of copy held by the Bibliothèque Sainte-Geneviève.