Ulrich Schmidt

Ulrich Schmidt. Gedenkwaardige Scheeps-Togten na Rio de la Plata.  [bound with] Hieronymus Benzo. Scheeps-Togt na West-Indien. [bound with] Jan Staden. De Voorname Scheeps-Togten van Jan Staden van Homburg in Hessen, na Brazil. [bound with] Johannes de Lerius. De Seer Aanmerklijke en Vermaarde Reys van Johannes Lerius na Brazil in America. Te Leyden: Pieter vander Aa, 1706.

This folio consists of four accounts of Europeans travelling to the New World, compiled by the Dutch publisher Pieter vander Aa.  They include Pedro de Mendosa’s 1535 voyage to explore the area around Rio de la Plata, Hieronymus Benzo’s 1541 voyage to the West Indies, Jan Staden’s 1547-49 captivity among the Tupinamba people of Brazil, and Jean Léry’s 1556 Brazilian expedition.  All of the accounts are accompanied by colorful illustrations of New World natives.  Acts of cannibalism and tribal rites are highlighted.